Thursday, April 12, 2012

Behind the Scene of Baby Photography-Part 2

Continued our photoshoot session at 11pm.
This time Allysha just fall asleep.
The theme is Gone With the Wind.

Props: balloons, toys and shawls.
Shawl tu kengkonon land yang dia pijak la..

Haha comotnyeee..baju bashi dia tu..
Tak cute la camni..

 Takut Allysha terjaga, letak je dress atas dia.
Tak pakaikan pun.
Tapi nampak sangat bambam plk. Takpela  : )

Edit sket sebab semalam takde shawl biru nak buat clouds.

Added some beautiful words. Done!
What's next?

Credit to a very super creative mommy, Adele Anerson for this lovely ideas..

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