Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How to Get There: KL-Tawau-Mabul

The day has come.
Here I want to share my itinerary for our Mabul trip.
It is 5 days and 4 nights vacay with my loveleeyyhh travel buddies.
Maybe it can be one of reference to those who want to know how we get to Mabul from the Tawau Airport and so forth.

Warning: It is detail for us and not general. Haha!

Friday April 4, 2014

9.30am : Depart from Ampang to LCCT
10.30am : Reach LCCT

11.45am : Boarding from LCCT to Tawau
3.30pm : Reach Tawau Airport

4.00pm : Bus to Tawau town (Sabindo) until last stop- around 40 minutes
5.00pm : Reach Sabindo (find Wisma Persekutuan) > Dinner & Tapau food at restaurant nearby > Take 5 to 10 minute walk to My Inn Hotel (find Masjid Bandaran Tawau).

5.30pm : Check In My Inn Hotel
6.00pm : Have a good rest till the next morning ;p

Saturday April 5, 2014

7.00am : Breakfast in hotel
8.00am : Morning walk at shops nearby while waiting for others to reach Tawau

12.30pm : Depart from hotel to Semporna by Van (1.5 hours)
2.00pm : Get ready at Jetty from Semporna to Mabul

2.30pm : Boat to Mabul (45-60minutes)

3.30pm : Reach Mabul hoorayyy!
3.30pm : ………………….

Mooned for about 15 minutes here. I just can’t imagine how amazing Mabul could be. I don’t know what else I want to do besides looking at the beautiful oceans-met-skies. Mabul, I already love you, before I met you. Seriously. Just to think about the crystal clear water I saw from the google pic, it is enough to make my heart beats so fast. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurku, murahkan rezekiku, sampaikan hajatku untuk menikmati indah dunia ciptaan Mu di Mabul ya ALLAH. (sangat sangat sangat teringin).

Plan nak snorkelling banyak2 kali, scuba dive kalau murah, pergi Sipadan dan Kapalai skali….. aaaaa.. I just can’t hink about it.

Do you believe that I cried when I was in the Manukan, Mamutik, and Sapi islands in 2008? Yes, I cried. Orang lain mungkin tak begitu berperasaan cam aku kot. Ramai jugak cakap pulau2 tu dah tak secantik dan seheaven dulu. So sad.

Ok sambung balik. Tapi seriously tak tau nak buat apa selama 3 hari 2 malam kat Mabul selain melayan perasaan bersama ikan dan corals. So itinerary  diteruskan dengan-check out dari Mabul. Dah balik nanti baru boleh cerita yang sebenar hehe..
Monday April 7, 2014

9.00am : Have to check out from the room but of course we don’t want to leave Mabul so early so we plan to mingle around the island and other hotels nearby to snap another thousand of photos hehe.
3.00pm : Get ready at Mabul Jetty to get back to Semporna

4.00pm : Mabul to Semporna

5.00pm : Reach Semporna Jetty and take the Van to My Inn hotel in Tawau.

6.30pm : Check In My Inn Hotel

7.00pm : Have a good rest till the next morning ;p and of course I will spam your timeline with looottttsssss of pictures. Good thing meant to be shared right? hehe.

Tuesday April 8, 2014

06.30am : Breakfast
07.30am : Depart from My Inn Hotel to Tawau Airport
8.30am : Reach Tawau Airport

9.35am : Boarding from Tawau to LCCT
12.30pm : Reach LCCT

Back to reality. I definitely will have the PHD right after I reach KL.
The post-holiday-depressions.
My Organizational Behaviour lecturer already set an appointment for me to sit the midterm exam that I’ll missed on that Saturday, in the Wednesday morning. The next 3 days is the Investment exam. I must try my best to avoid answering both exam questions with the fishes and corals name.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Princess Zahra

She's the kind of girl whom will tuck herself into bed 
and put on her safety blanket before sleep. 

Because she understood that mommy will always stuck with adik 
and papa sometimes fell asleep early. 

Thanks kakak for being so understanding and managed to take care of yourself. 
I love u. We love you. Everybody loves you. 
Forever my baby girl, princess..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We are the Pancake Lover

Yes, we are!

"As we love it. With caramel sauce + peach + blueberry + strawberry + apple + banana + walnut + m&m = yummy!! "
(taken at Paddington House of Pancakes)

The Journey is Getting Harder

Assalammualaikum wbt. Hi u ols!.

Sebab takde masa nak update blog, so kita share ig k.
So takla blog i ols sendu je. Hehee..

"We are in the middle of 4th sem now. 
It is getting harder and tougher as lots of project paper, case study, 
research, quizzes coming up. Letihh melayan sume ni. 
Kalau tengah ada 5 keje skolah nak kena buat, baru siap 3, 
dah lecturer2 tambah lagi 2 pastu tambah lagi dan lagi every week. 

Yang last2 week punya pun x present/belum submit lagi dah tambah yang lain2 pulak haih. Kalau sorang2 memang surrender. Ni pun ramai dah quit. 
Dari 25 orang classmate tinggal 17 je. 

Kuatkan semangat kami ya Allah. Rabbi Yassir.  Permudahkanlah. 
Jadikan kami bijak membahagi masa. Amin. InshaaAllah. 
#whenmentalsaysokbutbodysaysno #parttimestudenttapicamfulltime #workingandstudyingmommy #iloveitbytheway #lifegoal"
(taken at Tazkirah Jumaat ) 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Copycat In The House

I always reminds hubs to be extra careful of words from our mouth and our actions 
in front of kids now.
Especially Allysha.

As she will repeat each word she heard, just like a tape recorder.

Me: Papa, nak makan dulu ke nak mandi dulu?
Allysha: Papa, nak bakan dulu ke nak bandi dulu?

Me: Siapa main handphone Mommy tadi?
Allysha: Siapa bain epon Mommy tadi?

Papa: Tolong bagi towel yang
Allysha: Tolong bagi wawel yang

and lots more.

She also imitate things we do.

Also repeating how I do make up, how I iron shirts, how I hang clothes, how I use deodorant, how I put lotion all over body and many others.


Really have to try my best to show her positive and good things.