Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's School Holiday!Allysha Went to A'Famosa!

25 November 2011, Friday.
Mommy applied for annual leave to avoid the cramp on weekend.
Departed from Ampang at 10 am, arrived A Famosa at 12 pm.

 Visited 3 themes : Safari, Waterpark and Cowboy Town.

We started with the Safari first because it only open until 5pm.

Allysha really cant be without the mini fan as the sun was like just few km above from our head.
Phewww..Let's get sweat!

Was waiting for the Safari Bus. So cute Allysha.

Her first time to meet such a big animals.
Quite excited at first.

Begin to get booorreeedddd..

Allyshaaa..Look at the tigers darling!

Hah? Allysha fell asleep?!

Still sleeping.
Mr Miniature Horse wanted to say hi to Allysha = )

Still sleeping.
So only Mommy and Papa enjoyed to snap photos.

Dont do this, kids!

The Cowboy Show.
Feels like watching Desperado.

Ok, done with Safari.

Now let's get wet!

Allysha and her bikini. So cuuuutteeee.. =p
Finally found the small bikini suits her after 1 month bikini hunting.

She didnt care for whatever happened.
Only interested with her own fingers. Haih..


Enjoy our first time to play with the splash together until we didnt realized that we were the last family to get out from the water. It was 7pm!
The water park close at 7 ke? Oo..(buat-buat tak tau)

Done with the water park. Changed our clothes. Had dinner.

Tak reti penat lagi.

A'Famosa Cowboy Towwwnnnnnn!!!

At first we wondered why there is so many people coming in?There is nothing here. Where are they?

Oh, here they are!!
We missed the Red Indian show. Alaaaa..

It was very interesting! So entertaining!
Just have your seat, and let them do the show from one side to the other side.
1 hour is not enough!We want moreee!
Ok, definitely we will watch their shows ahgaainnn..

Overall, Allysha was so bored.
Only Mommy and Papa enjoy everything. Hahahaha..

So how do you spend you school holiday peeps?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

@ Fullhouse YKS

Our office is at Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.
But none of us ever visit this restaurant.
Akibat sangat bosan makan kat food court Megan + boring menapak pergi KLCC
(balik-balik beli kat kedai soto, nasi campur, pisang goreng hmph),
jadi saya pun menggoda mereka-mereka ini untuk makan di sini pula.
Yay! Berjaya!

This is the menu book. We can see it online. Kellas. Cute sangat.

Tak sempat order lagi dah sebok nak bergambar.
Akak yang amik order faham je, berdiri jauh sikit, amik order lambat-lambat.
 (agaknya ramai first timer pun camtu haha )

We had lunch set.
Main course + iced lemon tea + soup + cake is around RM 16.90 - RM 18.90.
Although just small piece of cake. Ok le tu.

Me, Kak Zura, and Kak Camy had dori fish set.
Zayy and Izzati had grill chic set
Kak Elly had pasta set.

The cutie cakes!

Comel je walaupun kecik tapi cukup la.
Ni pun dah muak.

Memekak di bahagian atas pula.

The clothes also worth to buy.
Average price is RM 79.90.
Made in Korea katanya.
Nasib baik tengah bulan, takde duit lebih.
So pegang, letak balik.

Love this.
Bersungguh-sungguh nak masuk muka empat orang.

Pegang pastu letak balik ye.

Reflection again and again.
Banyak sangat cermin putih cantik kat Fullhouse.
Mula la berangan nak rumah ada cermin cantik bila dah kaya suatu hari nanti hehe.

Thanks la amikkan gambar we all.
Balik ni nak gebang kat husband, i dah pegi fullhouseeee..
Tunggu die ntah bila laa. Dah bagi hint banyak kali pun buat-buat tak faham lagi..

Allysha Azzahra : Five Months

How the Breastmilk is Produced

I am always wondering how does milk production work? Bagaimanakah susu ibu terhasil? Ajaibnya mula-mula takde susu, tiba-tiba pas bersalin ada susu pulak! Dah la susu tu pun full of nutrient and vitamin sampai baby tak perlu minum makan benda lain. Semua ada. Complete. Wah bestnya!
Ok before that I think all ladies should know their breast anatomy first. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. So let’s get familiar with some important terms first.

Areola – the dark bit around the nipple
Lobule – a cluster of alveoli
Lobe – a cluster of lobules. Each breast contains 15-20 lobes
Milk Sinuses – little straw-like openings on the areola. When the baby suckles it creates suction causing milk to be released from the openings in to the baby’s mouth
Oxytocin – a hormone released by the pituitary gland when your baby latches on. It causes the muscles around the alveoli to contract and eject your milk down the milk ducts. This passing of the milk down the ducts is called the “let-down” (milk ejection) reflex. It’s also this hormone that provides the ‘rush’ of ‘love’ that people sometimes feel during breastfeeding. Oh, so sweeetttt!

During pregnancy, nipple and areola will enlarge and darken which may help baby latch on by providing a clear target. Ramai yang risau kenapa nipple makin gelap kelam je compare dengan sebelum pregnant pinkish la konon. Hehe.
Montgomery glands dekat areola akan menghasilkan sejenis bahan berminyak yang akan protect nipple masa pregnant dan juga breastfeed. That’s why during pregnancy our breast is more beautiful with full round shape and a bit glowing. Eceh. Kalau selalu cantik camtu kan bagus. Tak payah masuk silicone dan sapu krim mahal. Minyak ni mengandungi enzim pembunuh bacteria. This make breast protection cream is unnecessary. So use only water to clean your breast. Soaps and lotion might remove this natural protective oil.
Each nipple has 15-20 lobe for the openings of milk to flow. Apabila bayi menyusu, saraf dalam nipple akan diransangkan dan menghantar signal ke otak. Hormon prolaktin dikeluarkan ke dalam aliran darah dari bahagian pituitary glands dan kemudian menyebabkan sel alveoli mengembang dan menghasilkan susu. Oxytocin dikeluarkan ke dalam aliran darah dari bahagian belakang kilang pituitary pulak dan menyebabkan otot-otot disekeliling breast mengecut dan mengalirkan susu ke nipple.
When your baby nurses, the action of baby’s jaw and tongue pressing down on the milk sinuses creates suction. This causes the milk to flow out of your breast and into your baby’s mouth. Semakin kerap bayi menyusu, semakin banyak hormon prolaktin dikeluarkan dan semakin banyak susu terhasil. The more the merrier! =p

For me the most important thing is MIND SET! We should think positively that we can give the best for baby and be confident enough for an exclusive breastfeeding. Kalau teragak-agak nak menyusukan anak, give up sebab mula-mula susu tak banyak, nipple tak timbul la, takut sakit la, ape la, memang takde la susu tu. Kena berusaha lebih dan banyak-banyak bersabar. Be strong for the early stage. The scarification is worth it. Because breastfeeding is best for baby, best for you!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Travel Tips : How to Save Money on Flight Ticket

Now everybody can fly! = )
Here are few ways to help us save on travel fare.

1.   Sign up travel newsletter
The first place to start is always in the internet. To be updated and alert with latest promotion, we need to sign up for a newsletter such as with airasia. They will send us emails and notify of low airfares, last minute deals, package specials, accommodations promotions and more. Sometimes the deals are crazy which you can get it for free or as low as 10 cents! All we need to do is to be an early bird, and try-and-error the available date applied for the promotions. I managed to get zero fare deals to Bandung and 10 cents deal to Singapore!

2.   Plan in advance
The best way to get a cheap flight ticket is to book it as far in advance as you can. When you first decide to go somewhere or are planning a vacation, start with not less than six months ahead of time checking prices. You may save big bucks and get your ticket cheaper than everyone else on the plane.
My flight for solo trip to England was booked six months earlier than the travel date which I booked it in Dec 2008. After that I make my vacation planning more advances where my flight to Bandung in Sep 2011 was booked on Sep 2010 which is one year in advance! Well, I managed to grab the tickets for free and only paid for luggage fees. Yay!

3.   Avoid school holiday and public holidays
If you can, book your flight during the off-season when less people will be traveling. For many locations worldwide, this may mean avoiding travel during June and July. Also end of year Nov and Dec. You don’t have to consider public holidays as well because normally the airlines company will offer normal or higher fares.

4.   Forget weekend holiday
Plan your holiday in middle of the week. Other than the flight ticket is cheaper, usually others entry fees also cheaper and the attraction places you might be visit are less crowded. Specifically, flights tend to be less expensive on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The next least expensive flights tend to be on a Monday or Thursday. Invariably, weekend flights departing Friday through Sunday are usually the most expensive.
There's an added bonus to booking your flight mid-week or off-season. If the flight is empty enough, you can have the whole row to yourself, more spacious for your comfort. You also don’t have to waste your time by queuing for almost one an hour just to get through the immigration counters.

So, spend some time on the internet and try and error to get as low fares as you can.
Book the ticket in advance.
You will most likely save big bucks and get addicted to the flight's price checking activity!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bandung Honeymoon. Double The Joy = ) Day 3

For the third day we did not hire supir.
Our flight to KL was 3.10 pm. We got about four hours more to spend there.
My plan was to have a sightseeing and some more shopping along Jalan Cihampelas just few metres away from our hotel with some money left over.

 Angkutan Kota van. Heading to the center of shopping area. Look at Iman's happy face!

Kalau tak pegang camera, mesti kena pegangkan barang.

The angkot dropped us here.

Wah, terrornya Pey lompat! Tak terbalik pulak stroller tu.

The weather was really good. Sunny but not so hot. So comfortable to have a walking excersice there. Tak ketibas!

Erk, lucky the kids can't see what actually happened at their back.

Looove this shopping area! All the shops there nice and uniquely designed.
We were too early. They still close!

Aha. Still close.

A lot of stores sell fake branded jeans along this street.
Tak best sangat. Banyak kedai berabuk.

In front of Superhero store.

The busy street. It took us 15 minutes to cross the road.
Finally we followed a 7 years old girl to cross.

Convertion Rp to RM.
Lunyai! Tenogk price tag, tengok buku ni. Tengok price tag, tengok buku ni.

Ice cream durian. The only things we bought at street stall.
Ice cream + isi durian + ice cream + chocolate.
Jangan berani tak nak beli. Nanti kempunan.

Ok done! All the money was gone!
Until got no money to lunch at airport.