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Thursday, November 10, 2011

How the Breastmilk is Produced

I am always wondering how does milk production work? Bagaimanakah susu ibu terhasil? Ajaibnya mula-mula takde susu, tiba-tiba pas bersalin ada susu pulak! Dah la susu tu pun full of nutrient and vitamin sampai baby tak perlu minum makan benda lain. Semua ada. Complete. Wah bestnya!
Ok before that I think all ladies should know their breast anatomy first. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. So let’s get familiar with some important terms first.

Areola – the dark bit around the nipple
Lobule – a cluster of alveoli
Lobe – a cluster of lobules. Each breast contains 15-20 lobes
Milk Sinuses – little straw-like openings on the areola. When the baby suckles it creates suction causing milk to be released from the openings in to the baby’s mouth
Oxytocin – a hormone released by the pituitary gland when your baby latches on. It causes the muscles around the alveoli to contract and eject your milk down the milk ducts. This passing of the milk down the ducts is called the “let-down” (milk ejection) reflex. It’s also this hormone that provides the ‘rush’ of ‘love’ that people sometimes feel during breastfeeding. Oh, so sweeetttt!

During pregnancy, nipple and areola will enlarge and darken which may help baby latch on by providing a clear target. Ramai yang risau kenapa nipple makin gelap kelam je compare dengan sebelum pregnant pinkish la konon. Hehe.
Montgomery glands dekat areola akan menghasilkan sejenis bahan berminyak yang akan protect nipple masa pregnant dan juga breastfeed. That’s why during pregnancy our breast is more beautiful with full round shape and a bit glowing. Eceh. Kalau selalu cantik camtu kan bagus. Tak payah masuk silicone dan sapu krim mahal. Minyak ni mengandungi enzim pembunuh bacteria. This make breast protection cream is unnecessary. So use only water to clean your breast. Soaps and lotion might remove this natural protective oil.
Each nipple has 15-20 lobe for the openings of milk to flow. Apabila bayi menyusu, saraf dalam nipple akan diransangkan dan menghantar signal ke otak. Hormon prolaktin dikeluarkan ke dalam aliran darah dari bahagian pituitary glands dan kemudian menyebabkan sel alveoli mengembang dan menghasilkan susu. Oxytocin dikeluarkan ke dalam aliran darah dari bahagian belakang kilang pituitary pulak dan menyebabkan otot-otot disekeliling breast mengecut dan mengalirkan susu ke nipple.
When your baby nurses, the action of baby’s jaw and tongue pressing down on the milk sinuses creates suction. This causes the milk to flow out of your breast and into your baby’s mouth. Semakin kerap bayi menyusu, semakin banyak hormon prolaktin dikeluarkan dan semakin banyak susu terhasil. The more the merrier! =p

For me the most important thing is MIND SET! We should think positively that we can give the best for baby and be confident enough for an exclusive breastfeeding. Kalau teragak-agak nak menyusukan anak, give up sebab mula-mula susu tak banyak, nipple tak timbul la, takut sakit la, ape la, memang takde la susu tu. Kena berusaha lebih dan banyak-banyak bersabar. Be strong for the early stage. The scarification is worth it. Because breastfeeding is best for baby, best for you!!

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