Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bandung Honeymoon. Double The Joy = ) Day 3

For the third day we did not hire supir.
Our flight to KL was 3.10 pm. We got about four hours more to spend there.
My plan was to have a sightseeing and some more shopping along Jalan Cihampelas just few metres away from our hotel with some money left over.

 Angkutan Kota van. Heading to the center of shopping area. Look at Iman's happy face!

Kalau tak pegang camera, mesti kena pegangkan barang.

The angkot dropped us here.

Wah, terrornya Pey lompat! Tak terbalik pulak stroller tu.

The weather was really good. Sunny but not so hot. So comfortable to have a walking excersice there. Tak ketibas!

Erk, lucky the kids can't see what actually happened at their back.

Looove this shopping area! All the shops there nice and uniquely designed.
We were too early. They still close!

Aha. Still close.

A lot of stores sell fake branded jeans along this street.
Tak best sangat. Banyak kedai berabuk.

In front of Superhero store.

The busy street. It took us 15 minutes to cross the road.
Finally we followed a 7 years old girl to cross.

Convertion Rp to RM.
Lunyai! Tenogk price tag, tengok buku ni. Tengok price tag, tengok buku ni.

Ice cream durian. The only things we bought at street stall.
Ice cream + isi durian + ice cream + chocolate.
Jangan berani tak nak beli. Nanti kempunan.

Ok done! All the money was gone!
Until got no money to lunch at airport.

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