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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Travel Tips : Travel With Infant and Toddler

I believe that the thought of traveling internationally with infant and toddler makes us crazy! Many parents likely decide to simplify the adventures by leaving baby behind or heading for a simple vacation place. Actually we really still can enjoy a vacation abroad together with our little ones.
My husband and I flew to Bandung without our baby. But before that he has made it clear that he's okay with me either leaving Allysha with my mom or just taking her along together with us. I can't imagine leaving her behind but our baby just three months old on last September. I don’t have the guts to tagging her along for three days in a place that I thought very crowded, not so clean, not so safe, etc. FYI, I bought the Air Asia Bandung Promo ticket in September 2010 which I don’t expect to have a baby a year later. = )
But fear not. With the right way and attitude traveling overseas with children is enjoyable and can give us lifelong memories unlike any other. Closest example, Ilyia and Pey managed to handle Iman and Idd (of course with our kind help haha) We had tons of fun and it wasn't as hard as I feared. I think it depends on your child's personality and how firm and confident we can handle them. Now I am confident!
Here are the important tips to share.
1.    We've found that frequent nursing or bottle feeding during the flight keep baby well hydrated, and able to nap. If baby is formula fed and aged 6 months and above, we can offer a little extra water and foods. Nursing baby on take-off & landing will prevent ear pressure from building up.

2.    If the baby seems not comfortable during the flight and the vacation, hold them as much as we can. Wearing baby in a sling will keep them tucked in nice & close to our body because the soothing heartbeat can keeps them relaxed.

3. Dress baby in clothing made of 100% cotton and make sure it is comfortable. Also protect them from the sunshine as low as we can. This helps to avoid heat, which might causes them sweating and get the red rash.

4.    Don’t forget the stroller! Actually, your choice in stroller is best made by thinking about where you are going and how much walking you are going to do. If you are going to a city with a lot of walking distance shopping area like Bandung, using a stroller with lots of storage will help keep your hands free. Ilyia and Pey was so grateful to make a u turn back home to take the stroller which they forgot to bring after halfway to the airport!
5. Last but not lease, is our attitude. Patience is the most important thing. We must be patience while handling their roller coaster emotion. Tolerate with partner and help each other to take care of the baby. Dont be selfish and avoid stress during the vacation.
Definitely I would bring Allysha together for our next overseas holiday =)

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