Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's School Holiday!Allysha Went to A'Famosa!

25 November 2011, Friday.
Mommy applied for annual leave to avoid the cramp on weekend.
Departed from Ampang at 10 am, arrived A Famosa at 12 pm.

 Visited 3 themes : Safari, Waterpark and Cowboy Town.

We started with the Safari first because it only open until 5pm.

Allysha really cant be without the mini fan as the sun was like just few km above from our head.
Phewww..Let's get sweat!

Was waiting for the Safari Bus. So cute Allysha.

Her first time to meet such a big animals.
Quite excited at first.

Begin to get booorreeedddd..

Allyshaaa..Look at the tigers darling!

Hah? Allysha fell asleep?!

Still sleeping.
Mr Miniature Horse wanted to say hi to Allysha = )

Still sleeping.
So only Mommy and Papa enjoyed to snap photos.

Dont do this, kids!

The Cowboy Show.
Feels like watching Desperado.

Ok, done with Safari.

Now let's get wet!

Allysha and her bikini. So cuuuutteeee.. =p
Finally found the small bikini suits her after 1 month bikini hunting.

She didnt care for whatever happened.
Only interested with her own fingers. Haih..


Enjoy our first time to play with the splash together until we didnt realized that we were the last family to get out from the water. It was 7pm!
The water park close at 7 ke? Oo..(buat-buat tak tau)

Done with the water park. Changed our clothes. Had dinner.

Tak reti penat lagi.

A'Famosa Cowboy Towwwnnnnnn!!!

At first we wondered why there is so many people coming in?There is nothing here. Where are they?

Oh, here they are!!
We missed the Red Indian show. Alaaaa..

It was very interesting! So entertaining!
Just have your seat, and let them do the show from one side to the other side.
1 hour is not enough!We want moreee!
Ok, definitely we will watch their shows ahgaainnn..

Overall, Allysha was so bored.
Only Mommy and Papa enjoy everything. Hahahaha..

So how do you spend you school holiday peeps?

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