Friday, October 28, 2011

Vietnam Adventure!

Travel Date : 10 & 11 October 2011.
Traveller : Myself, Camy, Haniz.

All ladies, first time travel abroad without husband to a place we never been.
Due to pack schedule in September, we didn't have the time to plan an inttinerary.
We thought it gonna be more interesting to just be there and go with the flow.
Hence, when arrived HCM we were a bit lost, dont know where to go from the airport. Haha padan muka. Dah la tak pernah sampai sana, berani tak buat review pulak tu.

Ho Chi Minh City from above.

We decided to take a Vinasun cab to Bien Tanh (white + green color cab). We asked the taxi driver outside the airport, he said the fare is USD 15 to Bien Tanh. Then we asked a taxi counter inside the arrivel hall, they charged us USD 7 only.
Thanks. Believe your instinct.


Main transportation there. Too many to handle.

As seen on many emails. They can carry anything on their bike.

The Bien Tanh street. Erk, this is not like what i'd imagine.

We stayed at Tan Hai Long hotel. 
A three star hotel awarded for 'Top 10 best hotel in Vietnam 2008'.

After checked in, we asked the hotel staff about Bien Tanh and attraction nearby.
There is no attraction nearby. Only market and shop lot.
Okay. Sound great!

It was not easy to find halal food there.
So we just had bread, instant porridge and mee maggi bought in KL for breakfast and dinner. Too many MSG in our body now!

Communication failed. Haha Kak Camy was not happy for that. We supposed to find one boutique recommended by her sister in law but it was so hard to ask for direction. We asked almost six local men in English. They spoke in Vietnamese.

But most of ladies in the market really can speak Malay!
Ala, ni dah murah sangat la dik. Kakak pun takde untung ni. Beli la banyak lagi dik.
Huh, boleh cakap bahasa Melayu? Nasib baik tak mengumpat.
Sebab ramai sangat tourist Malaysia, kata mereka.
Local men should learn to speak Malay/English too.

Oh oh. Buah rambutan yang comel.
Kak Camy berazam next time dia mesti makan mangga dan durian Vietnam yang sangat besar-besar tu.

In Bien Tanh Market. You should bargain at least 50-70% from offered price.
Kak Camy tried to reduce from VND600,000 to VND100,000.
She called Kak Camy crazy lady. Haha kuajaq!
Tak nak kasi murah, kiorang blah gi tempat lain. Eleh.

Searching table clothes for my mom and mother in law.
She offered me VND 650,000. I asked for VND 250,000.
After half an hour bargain then only she agreed with the price.
Cis. Kalau awal-awal kata boleh kan bagus.
Membazir elio je nak tawar-tawar. Penat tau.

Muka dah ketat penat nak bargain.
Tanya harga, tekan calculator. Tanya harga, tekan calculator.
Calculator was our bestfriend there.

Although the bargain part was really tiring, but it worth it.
Sampai kering tekak bergaduh dengan diorang.
Suka sangat letak harga mahal tau!
Walhal boleh je bagi harga macam kitorang nak.
Kena merajuk, jalan gi kedai lain, baru nak panggil balik. Tak suka.

The only halal restaurant nearby our hotel. V.N Halal Restaurant.
Most of the time they are full.

They have Malay and Vietnamese menu.

I ordered hazelnut white coffee.
Leceh betul. Kena bancuh sendiri. Kalau order air lain lagi senang boleh terus sedut je.

Seafood claypot. Delicious!
But for a bowl of white rice, mix vege, two shrimp, cost me VND 120,000.
Mahal la tu. Nasib baik sedap. Jimat-jimat je makan udang yang sikit tu.

Oops, this is the standard dress for salon staff.
Masuk salon macam masuk club kot. yeke camni?
All the ladies at most salon in Bien Tanh area are sexy.

At Kim's Spa.
We extended our spa treatment from one and half our to almost three hour for full body massage and foot reflexology.
Maknanya, best sangat spa dia! Murah pulak tu.

Total baggage is 90kg. Yay we managed to not overloaded!
Gila kalau terlebih, kena bayar USD 15/kg.

See u again in this December, Vietnam!

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