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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Travel Tips : How to Save Money on Flight Ticket

Now everybody can fly! = )
Here are few ways to help us save on travel fare.

1.   Sign up travel newsletter
The first place to start is always in the internet. To be updated and alert with latest promotion, we need to sign up for a newsletter such as with airasia. They will send us emails and notify of low airfares, last minute deals, package specials, accommodations promotions and more. Sometimes the deals are crazy which you can get it for free or as low as 10 cents! All we need to do is to be an early bird, and try-and-error the available date applied for the promotions. I managed to get zero fare deals to Bandung and 10 cents deal to Singapore!

2.   Plan in advance
The best way to get a cheap flight ticket is to book it as far in advance as you can. When you first decide to go somewhere or are planning a vacation, start with not less than six months ahead of time checking prices. You may save big bucks and get your ticket cheaper than everyone else on the plane.
My flight for solo trip to England was booked six months earlier than the travel date which I booked it in Dec 2008. After that I make my vacation planning more advances where my flight to Bandung in Sep 2011 was booked on Sep 2010 which is one year in advance! Well, I managed to grab the tickets for free and only paid for luggage fees. Yay!

3.   Avoid school holiday and public holidays
If you can, book your flight during the off-season when less people will be traveling. For many locations worldwide, this may mean avoiding travel during June and July. Also end of year Nov and Dec. You don’t have to consider public holidays as well because normally the airlines company will offer normal or higher fares.

4.   Forget weekend holiday
Plan your holiday in middle of the week. Other than the flight ticket is cheaper, usually others entry fees also cheaper and the attraction places you might be visit are less crowded. Specifically, flights tend to be less expensive on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The next least expensive flights tend to be on a Monday or Thursday. Invariably, weekend flights departing Friday through Sunday are usually the most expensive.
There's an added bonus to booking your flight mid-week or off-season. If the flight is empty enough, you can have the whole row to yourself, more spacious for your comfort. You also don’t have to waste your time by queuing for almost one an hour just to get through the immigration counters.

So, spend some time on the internet and try and error to get as low fares as you can.
Book the ticket in advance.
You will most likely save big bucks and get addicted to the flight's price checking activity!

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