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Monday, January 20, 2014

Copycat In The House

I always reminds hubs to be extra careful of words from our mouth and our actions 
in front of kids now.
Especially Allysha.

As she will repeat each word she heard, just like a tape recorder.

Me: Papa, nak makan dulu ke nak mandi dulu?
Allysha: Papa, nak bakan dulu ke nak bandi dulu?

Me: Siapa main handphone Mommy tadi?
Allysha: Siapa bain epon Mommy tadi?

Papa: Tolong bagi towel yang
Allysha: Tolong bagi wawel yang

and lots more.

She also imitate things we do.

Also repeating how I do make up, how I iron shirts, how I hang clothes, how I use deodorant, how I put lotion all over body and many others.


Really have to try my best to show her positive and good things.

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