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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aqiqah Allysha : Decoration

Just a simple decoration.
Memang tak terfikir nak buat macam orang lain yang siap tempah pelamin bagai tu kan.
Nak budget. So semua buat sendiri.

Blue cushions bought at Ikea, decorated by Ilyia.
So cute and unique.

English style bedside lamp bought at Nilai 3 in 2008. Still in a good condition.
English roses bought at Kaison last year. It is my bedroom deco flowers.
The glass vase bought at Hinode RM5 shop. It was my 'bekas hantaran' for Ish. Haha. 

Standing lamp bought at Ikea. One is our wedding gift by SIL.
All the hanging items bought at SSF. 
It was my bedroom deco for our wedding in 2010. hehe..

Punyalah semua recycle weyyyy..Nak save punya pasal kan..


Table centerpiece.
Flowers, butterflies and vase bought at Kaison.
Frames bought at Ikea.

'Martha' flowers DIY by Ilyia.
Printables labels from the internet.

Cupcake toppers DIY by Ilyia.
I got no time to do all the small things babe. Thanks a lot!

Puas hati sangat sebab buat sendiri.
Simple but nice..(perasan)

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