Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Play Hide & Seek With Allysha

Hi parents out there!
What game do you and the kids like the most to spend time together at home?

Currently we love to play hide and seek with Allysha.
So much fun!

Usually Allysha is the one that have to find us hiding from her.
Hahaha..Kesian kena buli.

From the living room, she will walk and try to find us in all rooms.

The little cutey jalan terkedek-kedek dan tehuyung hayang 
cari mommy papa dia yang tengah menyorok. 

Usually mommy hiding behind the door or in the bathroom.
Papa hiding behind the curtain or under the bed. Dasyat.
Beria menyorokkkan diri dari baby umur setahun.

But Allysha aaallways manage to found us successfully. 
Ala rumah bukanlah besar mana pun kan. Senang dia jumpa. 
Pastu mesti tergelak sangat kuat sebab rasa bangga dah dapat jumpa mommy papa. Yay!!
Haha cute girl..

Always cheer our life. ; )

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