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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Father's Day DIY Card

Mommy and daughter had secret project last Saturday.
Papa usually wake up so late on weekend.
So we had our time together at the living room to make a DIY card for father's day.
It took only 20-30 minutes to prepare the card.
But it became 2-3 hours when you have a little lady boss to get involve.
Haih.. Penat nak kemas rumah.

Beautiful girl ready to start the project.

The idea was to have a photo of Allysha..

..holding words.. she wrote it..

by herself like this..

Then print the pictures and paste it on hard cover paper.

Recycle is better. Just use any magazine cover ok.
Fold nicely with own creativity.
We all buat card yang 4 muka. So boleh fold 2 kali.

Bila lipat hujung kiri dan hujung kanan, jadi dua muka je camni.
Then print any suitable words from the internet and paste it.

This is the card cover. Final step.
Tie it with a cute ribbon.

Ok tak?

Yay! berjaya buat surprise utk papa dia.
He like it so much.
(At first risau je, ntah2 sampai ke sudah papa tak perasan ada present untuk dia. Ceh)