Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Superwifey vs Superhubby

Most man prefer a perfect wife.
But could they be a perfect husband?

They want a beautiful wife who can take care of all the house chore.
But could they be a smart husband who can help us to take care of the kids?
They want a slim wife who can produce their child as much as possible.
But could they be a rich husband who can pay for post pregnancy slimming programme?
They want a solehah wife who can be their personal chef.
But could they be a soleh husband who can be an imam to the family?

Pernah husband request suruh aku belajar / practise masak sambal 
serope rasa cam mak dia masak. Amboooiii..
Selambe  menjawab 'Papa ada hafal surah-surah baru ke?' *Tersentap la dia sekejap.

I'm sorry papa. I just want an equal thought in our marriage.
Kata nak susah senang sama-sama kannn..So jom sama-sama improve!
Kalau asyik pompan je yang nak kena belajar itu ini, tapi lelaki sameeeeeeee je 
cam dari mula kahwin dulu, dont you ever wish something better. 

It is unfair, man..
If you wish a superwifey, we want a superhubby.

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