Monday, July 09, 2012

Second Anniversary Love Note

It is our second anniversary today. Kengkonon nak buat card bagi husband.
Baru nak start tulis, suddenly i fell very emotional. Dont know where to start. Mix feelings. 
Maybe sebab baru kahwin dua tahun tapi rasa terlalu banyak dah terjadi. 
Two years.. We managed to share the love.
So hard but so easy. So sad but so happy. So tough but so grateful.

He wasn't the man in my dreams. 
He came into my life unexpectedly. Not so welcomed at the first place. 
After the istikharah and prayers, I started to considering the serious relationship.
I decided to just go with the flow. Learn to believe that what our heart desire doesnt really suit us. Allah knows the best. Just leave it to Him and be grateful.

In a blink, on 10th July 2010, we're officially husband and wife.
But the first year was really tough for me. Really really tough.
Full of challenge because we less knowing each other perhaps.
Felt like I live my life with a stranger. Wondering this and that, here and there.
But I believe everything happened for a reason. We destined to be together.

Now it is different, upside down.
I prefer someone like him. I thank Allah that I found him.
I pray day and night that we will stay together trough the thick and thin.
For better or worse, for goodness and bad, through the ups and downs.
Because I know the world never promised that life will always be so easy.

In a blink, today we're officially a proud parents to our 1st daughter.
And we're expecting to meet the little one inside me about two months from now.
How time flies. We were two, in two years we become four! ; )
What else do I need? Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Now I know..the key is..less expecting and don't let outsiders harm you.
Focus your goals, live a simple life, and be grateful for everything.
Pray harder to Allah swt. Because after all, He determine everything.

Ini catatan jiwang untuk suami saya, Al Fadzlean Ishkandar Razalli.
 (yang akan kutulis dalam card yang bakal dibeli kat klcc jap lagi)

To the only man in my life,

Another year.. and I exactly where I want to be.. with you..
Time has passed so quickly, there are no words that can express my feelings. We faced ups and downs and I almost gave up....but through it all we still manage on making our relationship stronger. Alhamdulillah..
Thank you for remind me that life will not always beautiful as we wish but as we stick together and walking in the same direction, we can make it nice and easier.
I am so grateful because I have everything I need. A caring husband and gorgeous kids that I have to give a goodnight kiss and hugs every day.
Thank you for being a wonderful father to our lovely daughter and the little inside me. You are so sweet, caring, loving and very patience to us.
Overall, life is good and of course I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. May Allah swt bless our marriage and we still together till jannah.

Wah jiwangnya i!

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