Thursday, February 09, 2012

Uniquely Singapore - Part 1

Another ladies-only trip.
We managed to grab the RM0.10 tickets.
I supposed to fly with three other ladies.
But Kak Camy couldn't make it as she's pregnant!
I had a feeling that Kak Eja might not interested to join anymore.
I have no choice but to travel with Zayy-only two of us.
USS punya pasal sanggup travel berdua je.
Fortunately Kak Eja said yes! Yay! The more the merrier!

Singapore from above.
Cocrete jungle.

In Changi Airport.

We met most of them in USS.
Memang jejak je Singapore sume orang dah tak sabar terus pegi sana.

Our major transportation was MRT.
Don't need to walk under the blazing sun to interchange between the lines.
cause they have this awesome underground.
Just know where you're heading to and follow the signboard.
Tak payah tanya orang pun boleh tau.
Very systematic and under control. Cool!

Luckily they provide locker.
SGD30 for the biggest locker for one full day.
Sebab we all tiga orang, sorang SGD 10 la.
Berbaloi sebab tak payah nak bawak backpack yang penuh makanan kulu kilir.

Just bring your camera and money yaw!
Ready to burn your fat!

Baru kat luar dah setengah jam.
Belum masuk lagi.

Have a photo here.
It's a must.

The entrance to USS.
Continued to Part 2.

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