Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Get to USS / Sentosa Island from Changi Airport

We arrived in Changi Airport at 9.40 am.
We wander around at the back here and there because a bit confused where to head.
The last time I've been in Singapore was about 20 years ago.
So it doesn't count!

Awal-awal dah kantoi. Sepatutnya ke depan (Arrival Hall), 
tapi we all dengan confidentnya pergi ke belakang (Departure Hall).

Just follow the signboard.
Tell you, Singapore got lots of signboards and location map 
for easy reference.
So first-timer friendly.

After pass the Immigration, board a Skytrain to get out from the Airport.
It is free.

Always refer to the location map ok.
We heading to T2 to get the MRT.
MRT is the main transportation in Singapore.

We did some study before depart to Singapore.
Make sure you have this Singapore MRT System route map.
Make it color printed. It helps a lot!
We refer to this everywhere we go.
So takla tercengang-cengang, tertanta-tanya sangat sebab dah tau arah tujuan.
Ibarat dah ada pelita menyinari hidup gitteww.. Eceh.
Walaupun first time, tak termiss station pun apatah lagi tersesat. Smooth je.

It is worth to buy MRT Multi Entry Card name Ez Link.
The price is SGD12. The card itself cost us SGD5. So only SGD7 credited at the first time. 
It is highly recommended to buy the card 
because you don't need to queue to buy the ticket every time.
Save our precious time. Just tap and go!

Always refer to the MRT route map. 
Paper we all sampai lunyai jadinya.
To get to Sentosa Island, first we need to take the MRT to Tanah Merah Station.
(green color route)

When stop at Tanah Merah station, then can proceed with the MRT heading to Joo Khon.
Stop at the Outram Park. (still in green color route)
Ni journey nye memang jauh la. Kalau tengok map tu kan banyak station kne lalu baru la sampai Outram Park. Nasib baik time we all sampai ni kul 11 pagi.
Tak crowded sangat dalam train.

Then change the line to head to Harbourfront station. (purple color route)
At this station there is Vivo City Mall.
Maknanya Harbourfront = Vivo City k.

To get to Sentosa Island, board a monorail at Sentosa Station.
The station is located at the third level of the mall.
The first tap, monorail will deduct SGD 3.
With the SGD 3, we can hop on / off at all station in Sentosa Island.
Easily say, SGD 3 per entry to Sentosa Island.

Then stop at the first station. Here you go the Universal Studio yaw!!
Senang kan? Yang penting dah beli Ez Link card pastu ada MRT route map.


ilyia nur ab rahman said...

nanti iternary ko g uss aku nak gak tau..will be there after grad sbgi hadiah kepada diri sendiri..

Adila Hashim Shariff said...

hahaha good!tp uss xde itinerary sgt.. sempoi je sbb 1 full day dh kat uss..the next day bole spend time kat marina bay sand ngan sentosa island ( siloso beach dengan merlion)..pastu pg orchard road yg byk mall tu..tu jela..

faradeeba said...

hai there

kalau dari USS ke changi airport
pun u gi the same route ke?

monorail, mrt tu sume bukak till malam?

sori byk tanye..tgh plan2 nak g gak ni :)