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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna makes me cancelled any plan for window shopping today. 
Window je. Agak kering untuk niat bershopping. Thanks TV3 for showing it. 
I watched this movie at cinema years ago. Tapi dengan sape eh? 
Serious lupa siapa lah yang sanggup temankan tengok wayang cite hindustan. 
Obviously this is not for typical Hindi movies fan!

Generally it was about what if you find your soul mate after marriage. 
Should you fight for you love?
Should you leave your family and the loves one?
Or should you just control the devil whisper and stick to you soul partner whom you
 promised to be with them through the thick and thin till the last breath?

Dev (SRK) is a failed football player whose marriage to Riya (Preity Zinta) has lost its ability. In fact, he's a bitter and temperamental man who not only makes an insecure husband to his successful wife, but also a tyrannical father to their little son.

In another part of the same city, Maya (Rani Mukherjee) marries her childhood friend Rishi (Abhishek Bachchan) but feels little passion towards him although he's nuts about her. 
Along the unstable part of marriage Dev and Maya find love in each other's arms and embark upon an affair and being unfaithful in their marriage.

What the heelllll.. 
Sebagai peminat tegar cite Hindustan yang ada SRK, I can say that this is my most favourite Hindi movie. Because it is different from others. Ia bukan typical. 
It started with a scene about marriage, where most films end with a marriage.

Suka cite yang berani amik risiko untuk kena bakar panggung.
 Once upon a time they burn a cinema because they were not happy with the ending that it wasnt the hero and heroin live happily ever after. Hahahah. Taksub sangat!

Seriously memang emo tengok cite ni. Geram gile tahap tarik rambut. 
Ending menyakitkan hati. Sebab? 
Sebab pencurang dalam rumah tangga tak sesuai hidup bahagia! Hahah. Kejam. 
Yelah, kan dah kahwin. Mana boleh tetibe suka kat orang lain pulak. 
Kalau belum kahwin tu lain cerita lah coz we still got the right to choose. 
Ni dah ada anak pun tergamak sungguh nak feeling dengan isteri orang pulak tuh! Eeee!!
Hoi berdosa tau tak? 
(ditujukan kepada pencurang rumah tangga yang lain. bukan cerita ini)

Dont you know that marriage isnt always easy as we thought? There is always a tests during the journey. It must not based on money and status only.
But the understanding between each other.
Jangan le sebab ada masalah sikit, dah terfikir nak cari lain. Lupakah kita yang syaitan sentiasa menghasut. Allah swt pula akan uji keimanan kita.
After all, love is all about staying faithful to our partner till death do us apart, isn't it? 

Semoga kita dan pasangan bukan dari golongan ini. 
Berdoa lah kepada Allah yang Maha Esa dan 
usahakan yang terbaik untuk rumahtannga ok!
Ingat, masalah yang datang adalah ujian.

(Eh panjang nye type!emo nye pasal.haha)


ilyia nur ab rahman said...

lama tak layan hindustan.omg i love srk!!..

Adila Hashim Shariff said...

kannnnn..klu org lain,mls je nak tgk..

ilyia nur ab rahman said...

dah la ending menyakitkan hati!