Sunday, January 08, 2012

Breastfeeding : Tips to Gain Support from Co Workers

Hi, bertemu kita sekali lagi dalam segment
 'Breastfeeding! Best for baby, best for you!'
(tanda seru sebab bersemangat)

Ok, honestly for me its not easy to be working and breastfeeding exclusively 
at the same time. 
Syukur sangat sebab walaupun kerja, tapi berjaya bagi Allysha susu terbaik 
anugerah Allah swt then start 6 month baru bagi solid food. 
Of course dengan pengorbanan dan semangat juang yang tinggi. Tetibe.
Pengorbanan terhebat paling malas nak buat ialah
pumping in office consistently for tomorrow's breast milk stock.

Kenapa malas? Salah satu sebabnya ialah segan. 
Segan dengan orang lain sebab asyik masuk surau je.
As i mentioned in previous post, there might be some people in your office 
inquiring this and that and their words may let you down.
Your colleagues may make comments about your frequent breaks, 
the time consumed, your pump, the milk stored in the refrigerator, etc. 
This can make some mothers feel uncomfortable, demotivated
and can lead to resentment and problems between co-workers. 
Akibat takut nanti orang kata apa pulak, lama-lama jadi malas nak pump dah.

Here are some suggestions for heading off comments and enlisting 
the support of the people you work with.

1.  Use humor. Laugh off any teasing that comes your way. 
Sengih je la kalau orang comment ape pun. Ni la yang paling selalu dibuat.

2. Give a medical reason for continuing to breastfeed. 
Contohnya cakap je 'baby saya allergy formula milk. 
nanti jadi ruam kat mulut dia. so terpaka la pump jugak' 
By claiming a medical reason, you prevent putting a guilt trip on the co-workers who chose not to continue breastfeeding.

3. Share information about the benefits of breastfeeding 
especially the ones that are important to you. 
'Allysha now is six months old and she only got fever once!'
because of the antibodies in the milk.

4. Talk about how breastfeeding at home and pumping at work 
help you feel connected to your baby. 
Gang PAC saya selalu cakap pasal bonding. And yes its true.
Kan semek Ilyia?

5. Acknowledge and thank people for the times when they've covered for you 
while you've been pumping. Return the favor when they need your help.
So thankful to Kak Camy & Kak Elly for the understandings!
Nanti Kak Camy pump saya cover lak okeh.

6.  Listen with sympathetic interest when co-workers share their breastfeeding stories with you specially when breastfeeding didn't work out in their families. Acknowledge that they did the best they could under the circumstances.

7. Wow them with facts and figures about breastfeeding
 or just tell them that you're continuing to breastfeed because you believe that it is the best for you baby and Islam recommend for it. Until two years right?

So here you go!
Macam bagi jawapan soalan bocor. Hehehe.


ilyia nur ab rahman said...

tengok hasilnya..elicajara yang comel lagi sihat!idd pun jarang sangat demam and kadang2 aku still wonder ada lagi ke susu?dah penat dah sebenarnye coz mamat idd ni kuat ngopek..takpe bertahan lagi 6 bulan sampai cukup 2 thn..supaya tak kene soal kat akhirat nape tanak bg susu ibu..heee

Adila Hashim Shariff said...

haha..wooo seram statement ko wei..thanx for all the advice nway..
apsal aku x boleh nak comment kat belog mung semek..