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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Party Decoration

Tomorrow we gonna have a simple party in our office.
It's a combination of farewell party, belated birthday party Jul-Dec 2011 (huh kemutnye!)
and new year 2012 (in advance) party.

Sebelum ni kalau ada jamuan ke apa, just hidang makanan, pastu makan, pastu buat keje.

We want something different.
So here we go.

Just google any free printable party theme and print it out!

On the left side is for the birthday people.
On the right side is for the foods.

To stick on anywhere suitable. 
E.g. on the drinks cups.

The DIY masks.
Also got it from free printable party theme website.

First, print it out.
And cut.

Second, glue it on a thick paper.
I'm using 2010 CIMB Calendar. Hehe.
No need to buy a new manila card or whatever.
Find something in your house.

Third, cut it follows the original shape.
Now you have a thicker mask.
Not the A4 paper type. Hehe.

Lastly, the toothpicks.

Allysha turned into Mr Barbit Singh!

Or Baby Pirate?

Or The Magician Baby?


The most important thing is, all the decoration stuff is freeeeee!

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