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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Adelia just shared an Instagram photo with you

Hi there,

"Adelia Custom Made Wide Chiffon Shawls are sold out and no more restock. Thanks a trillion for your support peeps. New items from next project coming up sooooonnn! Follow @adelia_byilyiaadila for an exclusive shawls. 
Xoxo, Adelia Team." 
(taken at We love you, customers)

Yesss..You read it right.
It is a new project by Ilyia and Adila.
Ilyia and me always looking forward to have a business venture since we were 16! We were Program Usahawan Muda members, actively selling snacks and anything students need. 
From there, we started to dream. To be a successful businesswoman. Verangan boleh mencipta kEjayaan jugak tau.
We have tried something else before this and seems that shawls suit us the most. Do things that you love.

Alhamdulillah. First 2 weeks were amazinggg!.
I cant be thankful enough for the tremendous support by customers, well most of them our lovely friends.

Thank you so much guys.
Thanks for supporting us, student-Mommies whom always dreams to be a businesswoman apart still pursuing our own goals.
To have a serious business, is one of them.
Yes, we are serious. Pray for us okay.
InshaAllah. Ya Allah, bantulah kami. Amin, Ya Rabb.

Adila Hashim.

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