Monday, February 18, 2013

Power Pumping

After returning from what they said ‘paid getaway’ in Borneo, the next day I had to attend my very first class in b school. 4am Tuesday until 8pm Saturday last week had cause my milk seemed to be dwindling further. Gulp!

During my almost 4 day outstation plus my whole day at class away from my dear baby Aisy, I skipped my pumping session due to the rush here and there. When we reached hotel and finally I got the time to pump, I just throw away the ebm. Because there’s no way I can carry bottles of ebm during travelling. What a waste. My b* is now merajuk.

I can see that Aisy wasn’t really satisfied with my b milk production as he cried after each bf session. End up with he attached to me all night long. Now it causing me back pain pulak. Duh! It’s ok. It’s ok. Anything for my dear baby.

Ok..Now let’s start power pumping Adila.
Go go Mommy. Six months exclusive breastfeeding.
Good for baby good for you! Heheeee..

 Thanks Putri for the kids pic when mommy's away from em.
Bertambah rindu.

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