Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Multi Source Income and Never Give Up

Attended cost reduction course on last Monday and Tuesday.

Our trainer was Dr Steven Liew.
He shared his experience like other trainers do.

Two things form Dr Steven that I value the most:

1. Multi Source Income.

2. Do not ever give up.

He is working with one company. But he also a part time lecturer in 4-5 institution. 
A trainer. A consultant. Invest in a business. etc.

He open our eyes about how important it is to have a multisource income.

He repeated his ACCA (if i'm not mistaken) for 10 times.
because he fails 9 times. And he took 10 years to get the cert.
Wonder what drove him to keep on trying.

He open our heart for not to give up easily and fight for what you deserve and what you want. Focus on your goals although it might take longer time than expected or things doesn't follow what you have planned.

Hmmm.. Thank you for that Dr Steven.

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