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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The most hectic 14 weeks

Assalammualaikum. Hi!


By submitting this final project paper for semester 1 to lecturer tomorrow,
it means that my semester 1 is




I couldn't believe that. i couldn't.
It wasn't that easy man.

My life goes upside down.
I enjoyed the journey at the beginning.
But from 8th week, I started to get restless night.
Sleep at 11pm and wake up at 3 am,
then nap at 6am and wake up to work at 630 am.
I had to drink coffee every morning to keep me awake.

Assignments, presentations, case study, project papers

Sometimes I regret, but actually I don't.
I value this experience.
I don't really care about the result.
What I appreciate the most is my efforts.

Now I have two weeks to Qada' what I have missed for the last 14 weeks.
I cant cover it all but at least some of them.

Let's start with dinner with parents tonight.
Oh and a family holiday. 
Just me, husband and kids.

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