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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Example of My Busy Weekend

I told friends and family that I am busy during weekend now.
I have proof.
(perlu ke tunjuk bukti? eh harussslah.. hiks)

For example, on last 27th & 28th of April 2013.

As usual got classes every Saturday but I have to skipped it 
and attend company's performance review meeting. 
(it was a must, as I already missed few meetings before that)

Meeting was held at Park Royal, KL.

The meeting went well.

It was the first time, the three of us together emceeing an event.
They said, they like it. Trio Manja katanyaa.. Manja tang mana ntah.heee..

I tought its gonnna be okay to skip classes as I never ponteng before that tau.
Siap upload a lunch pic like this.

Suddenly I got what's app message from classmate
'Huii sedapnya lunch. kitorang kenyang makan case study'
'Whattttt??? Case study? '
'Yela ni case study yang carry individual mark tu. tak inform Dr. ke ko tak datang class?'

They post a presentation pic some more!
Ok I forgot to inform lecturer and I forgot that day was supposed to be a 
case study presentation which carry 20% marks for the final!

Tetiba terdiam dan termenung.Terus rasa nervous yang teramat sangat.
What gonna happen with my mark? I lost my mark??
Yela, kita tak pernah ponteng. Tapi terlupa pulak nak bagitau lecturer. 
Pastu time kita ponteng la baru ada case study la, individual carry mark la hape la.. 
Mak strressssss nok!

Rasa nak terbang pegi UKM time tu jugak.
Tapi takkan nak tinggal meeting camtu je. Aaaaaaa..
Why? Why? Why?!

Pompan yang happy makan sate tadi tetibe emo.
Emo gila sampai tak boleh focus meeting dah.

At 5pm, I decided to shoot to UKM (class ended at 630-7pm)
Funny thing is, I dont have enough money to pay the blue cab. 
(Blue cab sangat cekik darah. Dari Park Royal ke Titiwangsa, meter dia dah RM30++)
That meter machine was like jackpot. ting ting ting!

'Sir, to be honest. I only have RM20 in my purse. I expect to take the red cab 
but then u asked me to come in. I already told you that I only have RM20. 
You said gonna cost me around RM20-rm25 only'

'It's ok, take my card, you can pay later' said the taxi driver.

Kan..dah ter berhutang dengan taxi driver pulak dahh.
Tapi nasib baik sangat lah dia nak hantar aku.
Kalau tak, memang tak sampai la UKM sebab taxi merah tak nak lalu Jalan Tun Razak 
yang jammed. Cis, tak baik tolak rezeki tau u ols.

Managed to catch up the last class and submit project proper that day.
Phew syukur. Rasa lega hanya Allah yang tahu.

After finished at UKM, hubby fetched me and we went for dinner at our friend's restaurant. My body was really tired, feet was aching. 
But soon after seeing Aisy, recharge!

At 10pm, got text message from my mom pulak
'Ya, tak pergi kenduri mak usu esok ke? Dah lama tak jumpa saudara kat Klang. 
Asyik balik Melaka jeee'
Gulp lagi. Damn. Tomorrow is the kenduri? Aduh..dah ada gaya cam nak kecik ati je tu.
I got classes also on that Sunday. Camne ni..

At 12am, we reached Rawang. I decided to attend the kenduri and skip classes.
Tak sampai hati okeh. Dah sebulan tak balik takut mak kecik hati ke sedih ke pastu nanti jadi susah urusan yang lain. Yes, I am type of person who still believe parents' restu for everything although I'm already married. 

We were at Klang until 2pm on that Sunday.

After that, we shoot to Melaka to fetch Allysha and Mama.

Rewarded my tired weekend with this most famous coconut milkshake in Melaka.
Yay! Kiss hubby along the way because he managed to find the correct place haha.

Reached Ampang at 1 am in the Monday morning.
Woke up at 6 am and went to work as usual.

Begitulah contoh weekend yang busy dan rushing ke sana sini.
Tudung tu siap pakai dua hari yang sama sampai naik masamm dah baunya sebab memang tak sempat nak packing barang la hapa la. Pakai apa yang ada je hehe..

Sekian, terima kasih.

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