Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Snorkeling in Sabah

When I first visited Kota Kinabalu about 6 years ago with two dear friends of mine, 
I was immediately fell in love with all the things Sabah could offer. 
I am so in love with Tg Aru, Poring, Ranau, Kundasang, Karambunai, Sandakan, and many more great great places we managed to visit seems so hard to forget.
We really had so much fun. The proof : we captured about 4000 pictures for our 4 days stay hahahahha. 1000 pictures a day!

From the food, the nature, the mount, the beach and of course the most memorable was the island! My first experience snorkeling and island hoping in Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik really really made me feel touched and overwhelmed. I even cried in the water watching the fishes and cute marine life. The underwater, soooo beautiful.
Is that really a clown fish? The nemo we saw in movie? Seriously? Nemo was playing hide and seek with us! we were so excited and cried. Sebab terharu.
And then we saw a big stingray and even a turtle. We cried more. Ahahahah. 
A big group of colorful fishes were following us everywhere we went, because we are holding some food in a bottle. we feel like dreaming. 

I couldn't stop when talking about my snorkeling experience in KK.
We were so lucky because our tour guide pull us to the places which full with beautiful corals and loads of cute fishes. It was quit far from the shore as many people without tour guide would never reach the point due to safety factor.

Alhamdulillah we were so lucky.
Our first snorkeling experience went well. Very very well.

Because I was so in love with the island, I came again alone in 2009. 
Yes alone. and did the same activities. 

Then when my fiance (now is my husband of course hehe) asked the place I wish to go for our honeymoon, I couldn't think other than KK. The intention was I want to share my experience and I want him to see what I saw. The beautiful Sabah.

And now...I want more.

The place that always crossed to my mind.

To swim with the colorful fishes.

See the beautiful corals.

Crystal clear blue green water.

Mabul, see you in April 2014!!!!
Hope to snorkel at Kapalai as well.


Thanks AA for the cheap flight ticket! hehe.

Ya Allah, panjangkan umurku, izinkan ku untuk melihat indah dunia ciptaan Mu disana. Amin.

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deenzleen said...

Mabul??? I only read beautiful comments of Mabul! Envy you!